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18/1/2018 11:04 am  #1

Taymouth Castle (Power location) Nuke war site

Apparently, Taymouth Castle was going to be one of Scotland's secret bases if ever a Nuke war had occurred. Scotland had a similar plan for a base there, rather like Corsham was in England. Whether anything was created underground, I have no info. The Scotland system was codenamed: PYTHON.....
QUOTE: its role in national defence didn't end there. From 1968, it was also one of the designated locations for plan PYTHON, the plan for continuity of government in the event of nuclear war.[79] The plan, which was classified as TOP SECRET, was that in the event of a nuclear attack, the government and other essential personnel could be dispersed around the country, to secret and protected locations. Taymouth Castle was chosen as one of these sites.It is not known when Taymouth Castle ceased to be considered as one of these secret locations, but the three associated CalMac support ships, which were capable of acting as floating nuclear bunkers, were sold by CalMac in the 1980s. These ships operated from day-to-day as normal commercial car ferries, but had been designed and built in such a way that if needed, they could be used as radiation resistant transport and decontamination chambers.[
They seem to like the name of snakes for Emergency stuff in the UK Government - COBRA being the emergency commitee often formed even now.



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Re: Taymouth Castle (Power location) Nuke war site


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is warning Americans about a drug-resistant “nightmare bacteria” that has spread to every state after more than 200 cases last year.

More than 23,000 Americans die each year from infections caused by drug-resistant germs, according to the CDC, and last year a first-of-its-kind nationwide study uncovered 221 instances of a rare antibiotic resistant (AR) “nightmare bacteria”. It mostly afflicts people either in or visiting hospitals and nursing homes.

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Re: Taymouth Castle (Power location) Nuke war site


Recent outbreaks of Ebloa, Zika and even the seasonal flu virus have revealed a shaky global infrastructure for detecting and containing easily spread pathogens.

“We can’t predict when. But given the continual emergence of new pathogens, the increasing risk of a bioterror attack, and how connected our world is through air travel, there is a significant probability of a large and lethal, modern-day pandemic occurring in our lifetimes,” Gates said.

Gates wants a universal vaccine.  Remember the tv show Jeremiah, a vaccine gone wrong.

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Re: Taymouth Castle (Power location) Nuke war site

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