Terry Nation's survivors 1975 - 2018

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07/1/2017 4:04 pm  #11

Re: Big finish audio productions.

Big Finish, are more than welcome to use my story ideas - I hold no copyright on them. I told Lucy that, but I think they are not even accepting scripts from others at the moment.
I expect, my ideas would not be violent or murderous enough for BF.
But Loraine, you are more than welcome to sing the praises of my grotty story to BF & provide them with a link to it.

18/1/2017 1:20 am  #12

Re: Big finish audio productions.

I am looking forward to this. New characters along side the original actors.

My cds for series 4 and 5 were supposed to be here by now. I got a usb-microSD -adapter thing . I should be able to download the audiodramas to my tablets or phone with less hassle.
Thank you for the update.   ☺☺☺

20/1/2017 9:38 am  #13

Re: Big finish audio productions.

I agree with you Lorraine, Greg didn't die, the clue is in Gone to the Angels, don't go near anyone if you've survived a killer disease, so he would have wanted Jenny to think he was dead.
As I mentioned to Bob some years ago, I always felt that Blake's 7 could have been a follow up to Survivors Season 3. It was made the following year after all, however Terry Nation's widow has informed me this is untrue.
Season Three ended with an episode called Power with Greg becoming a political figure, whilst the hydro electric power stations were switched back on and there being fear about who sits in the control seat. Blake's 7 was about where the wrong people were in the control seat. The president of the federation was similar to Arthur Wormley, who wanted to "grab power" before anyone else did, Anne Tranter (who in the novel joined Wormley's mob) was similar in ways to Servalan in that she would join up with anyone who was likely to provide her with status, and Blake being similar to Greg in that he was the only person capable of rallying the people to overthrow tyranny. It would have been an interesting twist where instead of trying to get the technology working, they'd have had to destroy it, which would have taken the series back down the path of Terry Nation's novel, and indeed the follow up, Genesis of a Hero. 

24/2/2017 10:43 pm  #14

Re: Big finish audio productions.

Well, I enjoyed BF Survivors series 4 and 5.
  However, the BF folks are keeping Abby apart from Greg and Jenny. 
I think Abby should finally find Peter. Get back with Jimmy Garland. Abby and Greg can run neighboring communities and become self-sustaining.
The large estates used in the 1975 series were great. Lots of land.
Ruth and Johns mom ,can provide medical training. Plus raid a hospitalor vet clininc , using hazmat equipment.
So many possibilities to rebuild society.

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