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18/1/2018 3:40 am  #11

Re: Sequel to Power

Agreed. Greg is not dead.

In the 1975 series ,with the exception of Abby, there weren't any strong female leads.
Even Greg said Abby, you are a figurehead . (he is the manager ).
In "Law and Order", he says if she tells them about Tom, he will challenge her leadership.

They might not accept Agnes as the leader right away, because she's a women.
However, that could change, maybe there are other communities may have female leadership. Plus, Agnes is wearing a big gun !!
Maybe a governing council.
Charles,architect/planner. Alex Campbell(Power) engineer, Greg Preston, Agnes, Abby ,
Jimmy Garland. ( not Wormley, he's a thug).

Greg, would be quarantined until Dr Ruth can check him out.
Maybe Agnes,who is immune, has antibodies to transfuse everyone with.
Any hint of a contagious disease would be bad and scare people away.

With the power back on and isolation suits, maybe they can find equipment,drugs
& meds in hospitals , clinics ,drug stores/chemists or vets.
Set up a medical school and hospital with Dr Ruth and John's mother.

Also, Agnes said they have factories and industry, but no food in Norway.
Her father wanted to set up trading between the communities.

Good thing about 1975, books are still available for teaching.

Will they move? Jenny and children join Greg.
Will Abby and Jimmy Garland settle down.


18/1/2018 11:20 am  #12

Re: Sequel to Power

Thanks for your thoughts Lorraine - you never know, a NEW character with your name, may appear in AFTER POWER - when I am next in the mood to continue the tale.......

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