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11/7/2017 7:15 am  #1

Night of the big heat 1967 film

One of my fav films of this era, partly due to Jane Merrow  Not a lot of location info, but there is a little via this link:
Portland & Milton Keynes village.

& Jane's own website:
A quote from Jane's recent blog:
The world seems to be in apocalyptic mode at the moment. I am in the UK and have been a bystander to the recent really horrific events here….the slaughter of innocents at a music concert in Manchester, the brutal attack of people having a fun night out on London Bridge, the unimaginable fire in a tower block, near to where I am staying and now the attempted murder of Muslims in another ferocious attack. As someone said, the next thing will be “the plague of frogs”…one of the ten disasters to strike Egypt …book of Exodus. It is very hot and humid in England at the moment and the heat does strange things to people, patience withers, and tempers rise. I found myself telling a bad tempered man on the bus, not to be so miserable as he yelled at the poor beleaguered bus driver, as she struggled to straighten her outside mirror after it had been dislodged by a wayward branch. We really must learn to be kinder, nicer and more considerate of each other…otherwise what’s the point of it all? I must also add that I am deeply sorry about the fate of the poor young American, Otto Warmbier, who has just died after being returned to the US by N. Korea, without explanation nor apology for his tragic state.

Just felt I had to reflect on the sorrow in some people’s lives while mine has been so good recently. It has been time spent with dear friends in England at its best in June, despite the heat. An English garden is one of the great pleasures in life and I have been lucky enough to enjoy some very good theatre, museum and art exhibitions and just good walks in the parks and in the countryside. I went to the amazing Pink Floyd exhibition at the Victorian and Albert Museum…happy memories of my early working life in the swinging Sixtes.

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18/7/2017 1:39 am  #2

Re: Night of the big heat 1967 film

Bob just found it on youtube. Now to waste a cold winters afternoon.

18/7/2017 12:48 pm  #3

Re: Night of the big heat 1967 film

Teela wrote:

Bob just found it on youtube. Now to waste a cold winters afternoon.

I'm guessing you are on the opposite side of the planet to me?

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