Terry Nation's survivors 1975 - 2017

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06/6/2017 9:23 am  #41

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?

https://www.fastcompany.com/3068949/the-next-deadly-global-viral-pandemicthe-next-deadly-global-viral-pandemicg     March 2017   
In an exclusive excerpt from Deadliest Enemy, a new book on the threat of emerging diseases, epidemiologist Dr. Michael T. Osterholm and writer Mark Olshaker present a fictional tabletop-­like scenario involving an influenza pandemic in today’s world, with the virulence of 1918’s H1N1 strain, which resulted in the deaths of 50 million to 100 million people.
This scenario has been reviewed by colleagues in public health preparedness and business continuity planning.
There is general agreement that it is realistic and possible. Keep that in mind as you imagine yourself and your family living through it.
Interesting article.

06/6/2017 9:45 am  #42

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?

bobmeades wrote:

The computer virus problem, on Friday 12th May - showed just how dependent we have become on computers & the internet. Did Terry Nation foresee that? The UK NHS was hit pretty badly - I think the USA, is better at keeping it's computers secure. 

Teenagers hack for fun and are pretty darn good at it. 

Thankfully, the clever chap who runs this Blog, spotted a way to "Sink" this virus, but not before it had done a lot of damage.

We have so many things tied up to technology. In USA, the SONY Corp, banks, hospitals, universities and elections have been hacked. When the cash register is down, you cannot buy anything, not even with cash.

It's scary, with the Health Information Systems, when hospital computers go down, information cannot be accessed. Lab results, x-rays--cat. scan , clinical notes and drug histories.
Can't  perform surgeries, no diagnostic testing. It's a nightmare.  Delaying treatments and therapies can cost lives.

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07/7/2017 1:46 pm  #43

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?

July 6, 2017 article by Savannah McCoy

According to Web MD seniors and children under 24 months have the highest risk of experiencing severe illness and hospitalization during flu season, and regular doses of the flu vaccine tend to be less effective in people of these age.
So what will happen when the next flu seson comes......
How effective will the next vaccine protect us?......

21/7/2017 9:14 pm  #44

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?

In Survivors , 1975--a flask is broken and the scientist travels by plane around the world. Abby husband David says 'I don't think it is the flu..."
Survivors 2008-- a pharmaceutical company is experimenting with a vaccine.  It ws never explained how the postcard recipients were chosen.
Jeremiah -- Virus created, vaccine not working. Millions  over the age of puberty die.
After Armeggedon -- (movie is on youtube) -- flu-like virus , millions die

And we have measles, mumps, flu, Zika, antibiotic resistant bugs, Ebola..........


But researchers, bioweapons experts, and governments still worry that the plague could be turned into a deadly bioweapon, especially if someone with terroristic intent were to find or engineer a strain that couldn't be treated with common drugs.

What's next?

11/8/2017 7:05 pm  #45

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?

Superbug --superfungus -drug resistant in NYC

Candida auris is a deadly, drug-resistant fungus spreading within NYC hospitals. More than 50 cases have been reported in the past year.
— A frightening report released Friday by federal health officials shows that Candida auris, the deadly and drug-resistant "superbug" that's been plaguing New York City and (to a much lesser extent) several other U.S. metro areas for the past year, is now spreading between patients at NYC hospitals faster than ever.

05/9/2017 1:29 pm  #46

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?


With states witnessing an unprecedented number of Influenza A H1N1 cases and over 1,300 deaths so far this year, India seems to be in the grip of a major flu outbreak.

According to Health Ministry data, a total of 25,864 cases have been reported across the country since January 2017

States reporting the most cases include Maharashtra (4,456), Gujarat (4,741), Tamil Nadu (3,045) and Karnataka (3,012). Maharashtra remains the worst affected with a death toll of 488, followed by Gujarat, which has recorded 354 fatalities

Healthcare workers in particular are a special case because they not only come in contact with patients, posing a risk to them, but they may also spread infections to the high-risk patients whom they treat.

09/9/2017 5:23 pm  #47

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?


The deadliest superbug yet — Candida auris — is invading hospitals and nursing homes, killing a staggering 60 percent of patients it infects.

Health-care infections kill at least 75,000 hospital patients a year and five times that number in nursing homes — nearly half a million deaths a year.

Watching officials downplay Candida auris is déjà vu all over again. In 1999, researchers revealed the existence of killer germ CRE (short for Carbapenem-resistant bacteria) at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn. But state health officials and the CDC failed to act.

By 2008, the germ had reached 22 states, often carried by patients from New York.

In 2011, a woman with CRE transferred from a New York hospital to the National Institutes of Health in Maryland set off an outbreak that killed 11 patients there, including a 16-year-old boy.

19/9/2017 7:09 am  #48

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?

"We are having a horrific flu season," Health Minister Jill Hennessy said. "This is an influenza strain that is able to impact the young, the elderly, the well and the unwell."

"We are dealing with a horror flu season and we're not quite sure when or where it will finish," Hennessy added.


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