Terry Nation's survivors 1975 - 2017

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Re: 2008 survivors site

The remake was interesting. The twist with the drug company, was never clarified.
Was it for profit or a bio-weapon?
  How did the virus get out of hand--was it tested and exploded like in Jeremiah ?
How were the people chosen? What skills did they possess? Rich folks or politicians.
How many received the postcard --Hope Never Dies?  Why was that island chosen?
Technology survived-- the labs, govt facility, some cars.  How many lab workers were "immune" ?
What happened when Tom got off the plane? Or was he a carrier ?
This series had a better cross-section of people, not just middle-class like the 1970--Abby, Greg,Jenny
and Emma.

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Re: 2008 survivors site

Has anyone re-watched this series since it's first airing? Like many, I was disappointed in it at the time as just couldn't help comparing in some way to the original but on re-watching I really enjoyed it. Positives for me were the Tom Price character, total opposite to the Talfryn Thomas character but superbly played by Max Beesley, Negative was Julie Graham, didn't mind her in other series but totally wrong for Abby IMO.

I still live in hope that this will be resurrected in some way, maybe by one of the streaming companies, Netflix/Amazon. I think if it was re-broadcast again it would get a significant following, there are already many groups who have 'discovered' the series after airing who loved it and are campaigning for a continuation. Max & Julie have both said they would love to do a 3rd series, I think it has potential for a 3rd and more.

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