Terry Nation's survivors 1975 - 2018

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27/12/2016 4:40 pm  #1

Kevin P. Marshall, Death?

It does seem that the Compiler of: "The Making of Terry Nation's Survivors" Dr. Kevin P. Marshall, may have passed away at a very young age from Cancer.  The information is sketchy, so if anyone can discover futher info, please post it here.

When I first met Kevin in 1995, he was working at a Cambridge university involving radio astronomy. He had been working in his astronomy role in South America. Consuello, his first wife - was very ill with Cancer, in fact she later passed away.
 They both travelled together, to meet many of the Cast & crew of Survivors & visited many of the Locations - long before Myself, Adrian or Steve went location hunting! He recorded on Audio tape all the interviews, what went in print was very much a censored version, as many were highly critical of each other! I wonder if those tapes still exist?

 I next met him in Lavenham, Suffolk a few years later - he had remarried & had a small child then & was about to move to York. That is the last I ever heard from Kevin.

EDIT: http://www.family-announcements.co.uk/cambridge/view/3706801/marshall
It does seem this is probably true, the name: Adriana (Kevin's wife) rings a bell - it seems he passed away on the 9th feb 2015 & lived in Kedington, & buried in Haverhill cemetery. I will visit when I can in the new year.
RIP Kevin.

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