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17/10/2017 5:36 am  #51

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?

Nearly 70 percent of cases in Madagascar have been pneumonic plague, a form spread human-to-human that is more dangerous than bubonic plague and can trigger epidemics. The pneumonic form invades the lungs, and is treatable with antibiotics. If not treated, it is always fatal and can kill a person within 24 hours.

An initial diagnostic test on the Seychelles man had been "weakly positive" for pneumonic plague, but definitive laboratory results are expected from the Institute Pasteur in Paris, the WHO said.

In all, 11 close contacts and one foreign national, who was not exposed to the probable case but recently arrived from Madagascar, are hospitalized as a precautionary measure but do not present signs of respiratory distress, the WHO said.

Nearly 1,000 people who were exposed to the man or his close circle were given a prophylactic course of antibiotics to prevent infection and spread, it said. They included children, teachers, passengers, flight crew and health workers.

Seychelles, which has 93,000 people, largely depends on tourism for government revenues.

"Air Seychelles flights to-from Madagascar were stopped from 8 October to reduce likelihood of further importation of cases from Madagascar," the WHO said. However, the WHO did not recommend restrictions on travel or trade.

The Madagascar health ministry has implemented exit screening for passengers at Antananarivo airport to prevent international spread, it said.


25/10/2017 2:37 am  #52

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?


The government ministers were facing a new infectious disease outbreak. The mysterious virus was sickening and killing people with alarming speed. Some patients had to be placed on ventilators to help them breathe. The new virus seemed resistant to antibiotics and antiviral medicine.

Within a week, officials had closed a major hospital and schools and quarantined thousands of people. Fear and panic spread quickly as people in neighboring countries became infected and died.

For the World Bank simulation, organizers looked at the impact on travel and tourism of an outbreak of a mysterious respiratory virus in a hypothetical country. Participants included finance, health and tourism ministers from about a dozen countries, and officials from organizations including the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the International Air Transport Association.

04/11/2017 11:10 am  #53

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?


C. auris lasts on surfaces for months, and requires special cleaning; the usual disinfectants commonly used in hospitals are ineffective. Patients with C. auris need to be isolated in the hospital with cumbersome and expensive isolation (gown/glove for any contact), which is time-consuming, demoralizing, and interferes with patient care. This is the same contact isolation recommended by the CDC for other superbugs.

...this is the first alert about a new, drug resistant fungus. This will be one to watch, as it can linger on environmental surfaces for weeks, and be spread person-to-person among vulnerable hospital patients. Resistance to antifungal agents emerging while a patient is on treatment, just as with other superbugs, is another threat to watch.

According to the CDC......Based on information from a limited number of patients, C. auris infections have a mortality rate of around 60 percent...

06/12/2017 11:41 am  #54

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?

The flu is now widespread in four states: Georgia, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Massachusetts, according to the CDC report.

However, the flu vaccine was reported to be only 10 percent effective against the H3N2 strain,
according to USA Today, citing the public health journal Eurosurveillance.

More than 7,000 cases of influenza have been confirmed in the U.S. so far this flu season -- more than double the number this time last year, CBS News reported, citing data frm the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (As  of November 2017)


16/12/2017 8:54 am  #55

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?

Oh my goodness...

While cases are up nationally, New York City and state are seeing a particularly steep jump ― with a 78 percent increase and 34 percent rise, respectively, according to the CDC. The city had seen more cases this year that it did in 2015....

New York is not alone: A high-profile outbreak at Disneyland in California captured major media attention last month. The rise of cases in Connecticut ― which has seen cases nearly double ― and Ohio and Florida ― which have seen an increase of over 100 cases each ― is also cause for concern.

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20/12/2017 2:34 pm  #56

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?


Air pollution in China could be causing Chinese people to take years off their lives.

People living in northern China will die at least three years earlier than their southern neighbors, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In some cities, that number is closer to seven years earlier.

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20/12/2017 2:38 pm  #57

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?


Gee whiz,  respiratory illnesses on the rise. Asthma on the rise.
Plus, this years flu vaccine is only 10% effective. Can't afford healthcare or meds. We are in deep trouble.

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21/12/2017 10:06 am  #58

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?


Scientists could soon resume controversial experiments on germs with the potential to cause pandemics, as government officials have decided to finally lift an unusual three-year moratorium on federal funding for the work.

The research involves three viruses — influenza, SARS, and MERS — that could kill millions if they mutated in a way that let the germs spread quickly among people.

In 2011, scientists revealed that they had deliberately made forms of a deadly bird flu that could transmit easily among ferrets, the stand-in for people in flu studies. Critics argued that the knowledge gained wasn't worth the danger of creating a superflu that might escape the lab.

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06/1/2018 9:05 am  #59

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?

It seems that Aussie flu, has well & truly reached the UK - I think I had a mild version just before Xmas, My Lady friend had it much worse on Xmas day for about a week ! it starts with very sudden Projectile vomiting!

09/1/2018 5:56 am  #60

Re: Did Terry Nation know where things were heading?

This year's flu vaccine is only 10% effective.
In the USA , it's in 46 states. 


Although the CDC says that this year's flu vaccine has only been 10 percent effective, they say that the best bet for fighting the flu is to get a flu shot. Check with your physician, your county health department, or click here to find a list of locations to schedule your flu vaccine.

According to the CDC's definition, influenza (also known as the flu) is a contagious respiratory illness caused by flu viruses. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. The flu is different from a cold. The flu usually comes on suddenly.

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