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Any other TV series or film » What I am watching » 30/3/2018 1:42 pm

Lorraine wrote:

Malcolm Edeson]. I've just received this to read on my holidays at Christmas, I'll report back here but sounds promising even though supposedly aimed at children.

Empty World by John Christopher

Malcolm, There's a book "Gone to Ground" by Cheryl Taylor
Flu epidemic , gov't conspiracy , survivalist , a fluctuating ending......

After Armmegedon is a Discovery Channel movie with a lot of expert commentaries.
It's a two hour version of Survivors . It's on youtube 

Thanks Lorraine,

I never did read that book, read the first few pages but couldn't get into it and was not really the sort of thing to read as you start your holiday :-)

I have a local copy of the "After Armageddon" film, a while ago since I watched but was very good, well worth watching.

Thanks for the tip on the Cheryl Taylor book, will keep my eyes peeled for that.

I never really have the time or inclination to read when not on holiday and relaxed so again saving these up for my next holiday, last time I did listen to the latest Survivors Big Finish audiodrama and re-listened to a couple of earlier ones. The next one isn't out until June as I'm away in May I should hopefully get around to it this time.

Survivors 2008 the BBC TV remake » 2008 survivors site » 12/11/2017 10:53 am

Has anyone re-watched this series since it's first airing? Like many, I was disappointed in it at the time as just couldn't help comparing in some way to the original but on re-watching I really enjoyed it. Positives for me were the Tom Price character, total opposite to the Talfryn Thomas character but superbly played by Max Beesley, Negative was Julie Graham, didn't mind her in other series but totally wrong for Abby IMO.

I still live in hope that this will be resurrected in some way, maybe by one of the streaming companies, Netflix/Amazon. I think if it was re-broadcast again it would get a significant following, there are already many groups who have 'discovered' the series after airing who loved it and are campaigning for a continuation. Max & Julie have both said they would love to do a 3rd series, I think it has potential for a 3rd and more.

Big finish audio productions comments. » Season 6 from Big finish » 12/11/2017 10:44 am

Thanks Bob,

Have been reading (lurking ) for many years on the various forums. I've been on 'Survivors Withdrawal' for a couple of years now, waiting for my wife to plan a visit to one of her friends for the weekend so I can partake in another 38 episode marathon, I did the last one a few years ago and loved it. By the end of it was almost surprised when I opened the curtains to see civilisation outside LOL.

I had the same thought as you and REALLY REALLY hope we 'hear' from Greg again, he's a brilliant character.

Back on topic, I really enjoyed series 6, especially lockup which sees Abby & Greg get back together. One thing that did grate was the 'foreign accents', they sounded almost comedic (not really in a good way though).

Any other TV series or film » What I am watching » 10/11/2017 12:02 pm

I've just received this to read on my holidays at Christmas, I'll report back here but sounds promising even though supposedly aimed at children.

Empty World by John Christopher

Review from goodreads

John Christopher – Empty World: When a deadly virus kills off most of the world's population, including all adults, Neil, a teenaged boy, tries to survive in a seemingly empty England. Although devastated by the loss of his elders he must force himself to accept his difficult (even terrifying) situation and learn to survive by himself. Scavenging canned and preserved food and other necessities from empty homes and businesses provides most necessities. Loneliness becomes a difficult thing to deal with, but he learns to avoid most other people because they are likely to be dangerous. Eventually, he makes his way to London, where necessities and desired items abound for the scavenger. However, the London environment also includes many more dangerous characters to avoid. I found Neal to be a very interesting, resourceful, and admirable character. This is another engaging science fiction novel from John Christopher and I enjoyed it.


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