Terry Nation's survivors 1975 - 2017

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Current news & events » Did Terry Nation know where things were heading? » Today 9:24 am

Lack of trust is what I believe will wipe us out in the end, along with nature. 
A few of my colleagues have been down with bugs recently, and have found out they will not be paid anything for the days they had off. No doubt next time they are too ill to work, they will come into the office regardless. I remember a time when I took a few days off during my probation in the mid eighties for a bug and was paid my full salary for those days, as my employer didn't want to risk me spreading what I had. 
Problem is I work in Bath Spa, where it is too expensive to live, and several of us have to pay extortionate amounts of money to commute to the city by train, which takes a large chunk of our wages, so a single day without pay could make the difference between being able to pay our bills and not being able to pay them. 
I also wonder about the railways too, if they will end up killing us one day, I can't believe the state some of the trains are in nowadays (did anyone think they would be better run privately?).

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